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Halloween: Print your own ‘No Thanks’ Poster for Trick-or-Treaters


Most of us see Halloween as a pretty innocent way for children to have fun getting dressed up , and to have a great evening filling up with all sorts of weird and wonderful snacks, sweets and chocolate as a reward. (Yes – and parents too!!!)

However, knocks on doors, on dark evenings, when nobody is expected, can be a frightening experience for some people – such as the elderly or infirm.

For those who would prefer to ‘opt out’ of Halloween and not be disturbed, Gloucestershire Constabulary have kindly produced this Halloween Poster which you are invited to print out, cut to size and then display somewhere that those who might have thought about calling on you can easily see.

If you are out and about supervising children celebrating Halloween on Friday, please do respect people’s wishes if they don’t want you to call. But do have a great time as you call on those who are happy for you to do so!!!

image thanks to http://www.history.com