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Starveall Chicken Farm: Progress on referred access & related traffic route

photo 2Monday evening’s Meeting heralded a big change in approach for everyone regarding the Chicken Farm at Starveall and I would like to thanks everyone for the support that they have given with this.

We all left the Meeting of Ashchurch Rural Parish Council with the commitment that a Meeting between the relevant parties concerning the land needed to pursue the favoured option for access to and from the Chicken Farm being pushed to and from the A435 would take place.

I am pleased to say that I have today facilitated that Meeting and a deal has been agreed in principle between the two parties.

I now understand that FC Jones & Co will be submitting their Planning Application for the new access as discussed tomorrow (Thursday 3rd April).

This is fantastic news for everyone, not least of all those around the table today, and I’m sure we will all look forward with great hope that the new plans come to fruition quickly and without any unforeseen problems getting in the way.