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Pamington Lane Development: No benefit to Residents – just commercial opportunism

Planning issues in Ashchurch with Walton Cardiff seem set to continue their prominence with the recent announcement that Linden Homes are consulting on proposals to build on the land, either side of Pamington Lane and running along the A46.

The prolonged JCS process which was arguably much delayed because of the work it took to coordinate efforts with Cheltenham and Gloucester, was sold to Members at Tewkesbury Borough as a way to prevent opportunistic developments from going ahead.

Yet with this proposal, this is exactly what Residents in the area are now arguably again being subjected to, just as they are with the Land South of Ashchurch Village and the Land around and including The Queens Head at Aston Cross.

With a number of Residents having already voiced their concerns to me – even before the Consultation has taken place, the strength of feeling against such a Development is palpable.

The Developer is arguably attempting to sell the proposal as being beneficial and much needed when only days ago, Ashchurch Army Camp was effectively rubber-stamped as a Strategic Site for Development where over 2000 homes and what may be the largest allocation of housing to come to the Borough between now and 2031 will be placed.

How could Residents therefore need another site just across the road when it hasn’t even been recognised as a Strategic Site in this apparently bombproof Policy?

The facts are that this site has not been recognised as being of strategic importance to the Borough’s forward Planning Policy for the better part of the next 20 years and there is as such no obligation upon anyone to develop it.

This is a commercial exercise in it’s most basic sense and I do not believe I could at this moment list one benefit that will come from it to anybody that I represent in the Ashchurch with Walton Cardiff Ward.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Starveall Chicken Farm: Progress on referred access & related traffic route

photo 2Monday evening’s Meeting heralded a big change in approach for everyone regarding the Chicken Farm at Starveall and I would like to thanks everyone for the support that they have given with this.

We all left the Meeting of Ashchurch Rural Parish Council with the commitment that a Meeting between the relevant parties concerning the land needed to pursue the favoured option for access to and from the Chicken Farm being pushed to and from the A435 would take place.

I am pleased to say that I have today facilitated that Meeting and a deal has been agreed in principle between the two parties.

I now understand that FC Jones & Co will be submitting their Planning Application for the new access as discussed tomorrow (Thursday 3rd April).

This is fantastic news for everyone, not least of all those around the table today, and I’m sure we will all look forward with great hope that the new plans come to fruition quickly and without any unforeseen problems getting in the way.